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89% of employers believe their employees leave due to monetary reason whereas only
12% actually do leave for more money, it's time to make amends.

Rewards and Recognition Platform

Our Happy Clientele

Employee Rewards & Recognition Program to drive your engagement

Pilot positive outcomes with Vega Rewards as your driver of Employee Rewards platform

Higher Engagement

Celebrate winners, display milestones, and encourage timely recognition with Vega Rewards

Improved Retention

Increase the trust between employees and senior management with Rewards

Better Work Culture

~58% of employees only need a simple “Thank you” to feel rewarded and satisfied

Increased Productivity

Recognition drives productivity, it pushes employees to work harder and smarter

Why Vega Rewards as your Rewards & Recognition Platform?

Simplify and automate your employee rewards and recognition programs with ease, transparency, and flexibility

Hyper-Personalized Rewards for a super special Org-culture

Give the employees the ability to craft experiences with their own hands with Employee-centric Rewards Program

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    E-wallet rewards:

    Transfer or redeem through your favourite e-wallets.

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    Spot Recognition:

    Bypasses the approvals and instantly uplifts morale.

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    Townhall Awards:

    Make it grand with one platform to celebrate your employees.

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    Global Coupon Store:

    Redeem reward points on 3000+ linked coupons.

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    Peer-to-Peer Recognition

    Building a team camaraderie was never so easy.

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    Social Shoutouts

    Share the swags - certificates & badges on LinkedIn directly.

65% - 80% of employees prefer non-cash rewards from small to large reward scenarios. Well, we got you covered here 3000+ brand coupons!

Employee Rewards and Recognition for everyone

Get Rewards and Incentives for every occasion & surprise

Gift Cards
Gift Cards

Enjoy Gift cards with more than 3000+ coupon store

Food Coupons
Food Coupons

Accrue your reward points to spend as per you choice


Gift yourself the best to make everyday special

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Want to offer extensive choices for your Employees as a part of your Rewards and Recognition initiatives? Give the option of 3000+ redeemable coupons to improve Employee Engagement
Explore our Employee Coupon Store

Why Vega Rewards Works!

What a Employee Rewards & Recognition platform can do for your organization


saw increased engagement


saw increased motivation


felt improved workculture

Rewards Platform Recognized By Industry Experts


Best Implementation for building the most rewarding experience

“Vega Rewards by VegaHR has been one of the most highly engaging, encouraging, and enjoyable experiences we could give our employees in terms of rewards and recognition. The effective implementation of this tool helped us build a transparent culture of continuous appreciation and feedback. The entire team is quick, flexible, and always helpful to resolve any queries raised at any point in time. Kudos to the team!!”

Lakhani Financial Services
Performance linked R&R with little gamification worked wonders

“Vega HR helped in bringing about a continuous feedback culture and these are linked to a scoring system that works both ways, a leader board is maintained and winners are recognized, quarterly– this has led a healthy competition & continued growth. Hearty appreciation to the team, for the quick onboarding and implementation of the R&R program which has enabled us to improve employee engagement.”

Ecommerce Unicorn
Intuitive Dashboards & Connected Approach

“Vega Equity helped us move on from disconnected spreadsheet-based ESOP Management to managing them easily. Now, our cap table has a single source of truth and provides dashboards with an overview of shareholders, options, dilutions, and valuation trends. Their entire team is very supportive and we get all our queries & issues resolved within a very fast-paced schedule.”

Online Sales
Fast-Paced TAT & Quick Onboarding

“Vega Equity helped us in making the transition from managing ESOPs on scattered spreadsheets to managing them professionally very seamlessly. We have been able to maintain a comprehensive grasp over our cap table as dashboards provide a great overview of shareholders, options, dilutions, and valuation trends. Their Support Team is mind-blowing and we get all our queries & issues resolved within a very fast-paced TAT. Kudos to the Vega Equity team!”

Ecom Express
ESOP Management and Allocation with Ease

“With Vega Equity we were able to establish First Time ESOP Rollout and ESOP Management in its entirety with ease. The shorter onboarding time and multiple persona-based dashboards have made our process streamlined.”

Falcon Autotech
Best Platform for ESOP Management for Employees

“With Vega HR we were able to establish ESOP Management in its entirety with ease. Vega Equity is a simple and intuitive platform. It has helped us convey exactly what the status of their stock options are with the employees with their own login, making the process streamlined and our job easier.”

Logistics Company


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