About Vega HR : Weaving Rewards into Cultural DNA

Personalized Rewards & Recognitions Platform to make Work a happier place!

Vega HR Inception
Vega HR Inception

The years of expertise transpired into an HRMS, equipped with best tech-stack for HR.

Vega HR Inception
Journey so far

Enabling smart decision making across workforce planning, enablement & management.

Vega HR Inception
What's ahead

To keep innovating and training the predictive & AI models of the platform and make things intuitive

What Differentiates Us

The Team

Experience of Transforming HR & Workforce Practices of some of the Largest Enterprises.

Intelligent Plaform

Context aware AI algorithm to rank CVs and ML driven Algorithm for CV parsing.

People Analytics

Insights delivered with industry leading analytics platform.

Customizable Workflow

Customizable and mass configurable Core HR workflow to best meet your enterprise needs.

Security First

Safe & Secure data storage with safest & most certified Cloud hosting.

DIY Platform

Simpler User Interface and Mobile App to for easier accessibility & Collaboration.

The Team Vega HR

Secured Cloud with 90+ Compliance Certificates

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