Workplace Productivity with COVID19 - Raising the Game

The world of work and culture of work is greatly impacted by the COVID19 crisis. Employee Productivity is one of the key focus during such challenging times and Organisations are evolving to tackle the same.

What's on Agenda

How has employee productivity been impacted by the current crisis?

What kind of process, tools and metrics should be used to track & enhance employee productivity in the new normal?

What companies are doing to manage productivity?

How do engagement factors affect performance?

What are the factors affecting employee productivity which needs to be resolved?

Key takeaways:

New practices for measuring productivity, Performance Metrics, Processes, Tools, Peak Performance Hours, Modes of Emotional/Mental Engagement, Managing Sales Teams Productivity & Agile Leadership practices that have evolved in the post-COVID era.

Our Panelists

Saswati Sinha – Head HR - Cheil India

Samriti Malhotra - Head HR - Denave

Jinal Doshi - Practice Leader - Vega HR

Alok Kumar - Managing Partner - SCIKEY

Jayanthi J - Partner, Peoplezenn ( Moderator)

Watch the webinar
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