What Is a CAP Table? A Guide To Founders And Employees
CAP Table Management

A capitalization table, often known as a cap table, is a chart that shows the ownership of shares in a company. It shows how much investors paid for your firm's securities (stock, options, warrants, and so on), as well as how much each investor owns a portion of the company.

The goal of this record-keeping system is to give a complete picture of a company's shareholders and security holders. This tally ensures that the total number of shares held by investors and other security holders, such as management team members and founders are equal to the total number of shares held by the business or enterprise. Cap tables should ideally contain a record of all equity ownership capital, such as common and preferred equity shares and pricing, convertible equity, and warrants.

So, at the very least, a captable Management should be a collection of ledgers that includes the following:

  • The name of the stockholder as it appears on the security instrument (e.g., stock certificate, promissory note)
  • Issuance date
  • The number of shares or units that have been issued.
  • Commentary that is concise and consistent in wording (be careful to avoid commentary that clutters or distracts from the ledger)

Why Do We Use CAP Tables?

When it comes to obtaining finances, cap tables are critical. A company's ownership structure piques the interest of investors. They will be able to learn about the company's previous financing. Prospective investors want to view the cap table so they can figure out where they stand in terms of liquidity. It assists them in comprehending the company's past as well as its growth prospects. While the majority of the information in a cap table comes from security-specific characteristics found on a stock certificate or option grant agreement, there are a few items that are unique to each stockholder. When planning notification mailings, knowing the physical and email addresses of holders can be extremely useful. If entering a physical address is too time-consuming, the state of residency will be required at the very least for state-level security law compliance. Also, get a non-work email account; even if employees leave the company, their equity stays with them. A well-organized cap table can also be used to gain historical insight into the company's history. This aids in the current business value negotiations


A cap table isn't a legal document; rather, it's a snapshot of ownership data that can be utilized to make judgments. Understanding the data it includes and how to apply it will help you along your route and make the next big fundraising choice or employee recruitment a little simpler. So, whatever type of episode your start-up becomes, don't forget to record the credits.

Managing a cap table is all about spreadsheets and accountancy. However, it is not only time-consuming but also complex and tiresome. Nonetheless, it is critical for a company's development. As a result, we require the appropriate remedy. At any given time, we require a system that can offer up-to-date and accurate equity data for all security holders or shareholders.

In addition, the solution must address all statutory compliance regulations. A well-managed cap table can reduce a company's future risks significantly. On the other side, a poorly managed cap table might expose a corporation to a variety of hazards. The important thing is to make sure that the company's cap table is an asset, not a burden.

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